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ES-SO joined since 2008 the EEW - Energy-Efficiency-Watch, an initiative of members of the European Parliament. The second EEW-project is running from 2010-2013.
Energy-Efficiency-Watch conducted between April and September 2012 an EU-wide survey on the implementation of national energy efficiency policies. The objective was to reveal the current status of implementation. Please download the EEW-survey report here

Federation of European Heating and Air Conditioning Associations (REHVA) was founded in 1963. REHVA represents more than 100.000 engineers from 29 European countries and its main activity is to develop and disseminate economical, energy-efficient and healthy technology for building services. ES-SO, the European Solar-Shading Organization, is involved as supporting member.

BUILD UP Web Portal
Since 2009 BUILD UP is the new environment for building professionals, local authorities and building occupants willing to share their experience on how to cut energy consumption in buildings. The key aim of this initiative is to reduce the energy consumption of buildings across Europe by transferring best practices to the market fostering their uptake. Late October 2009 ES-SO joined the BUILD UP initiative as a Partner, following an invitation from the European Commission. See and our special webportal ( tag naar Build-UP Portal)

Active House Alliance
Active House is a vision of buildings that create healthier and more comfortable lives for their occupants without negative impact on the climate - moving us towards a cleaner, healthier and safer world. Active House is a non-profit organization supported and managed by a group of Alliance Partners. The Active House specifications define 9 parameters that have to be evaluated when designing an Active House, see

ES-SO has become a member of Active House since 2013. Active House has endorsed the ES-SO Position Paper. (tag naar Position Papers)

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