Interested in publications about energy saving building technologies, even if they are not all directly related to solar shading? ES-SO makes some of these available here. The skin of a building is a system, where the various components work in synergy and one technique has an influence on another. It should not be forgotten that without mobile solar shading, to enhance the other energy-saving measures, there is no complete, effective solution and summer indoor comfort may be endangered. Some of the publications that you will find here may not take that into account. So, read them with a critical eye!


  • Ready for carbon neutral by 2050? assessing of ambition levels in new building standards across EU, BPIE, Jan 2022, Download
  • A review of EU Member States' 2020 long term renovation strategies, BPIE, September 2020, Download  
  • Global warming and human impacts of heat and cold extremes in the EU, JRC PESETA IV project – Task 11, 2020, Download
  • Daylighting in non-residential buildngs, IEA SHC Position Paper, January 2019, Download
  • ES-SO Solar shading for low energy and healthy buildings, 2018, download here  
  • Quantifying the benefits of energy renovation investments in schools, offices and hospitals, BPIE 2018, Download
  • climabau: planen, angesichts des klimawandels, Study Lüzern Hochschule, 2018, website link  here
  • Pan European study on energy savings by window replacement, IBH Ingenieurbüro, 2018, commissioned by Eurowindoor, download here report, here  executive summary  
  • Minimum performance requirements for window replacement, Ecofys, 2017, download here
  • Survey on the implementation status in the EU countries and Norway on the Eurocodes, 2016, download here  
  • Passive cooling measures in single family houses, REHVA Journal, August 2015, download here
  • NZEB definitions across Europe, BPIE April 2015, download here
  • Indoor Air Quality, thermal comfort and daylight, analysis of residential building regulations in 8 of EU member states, BPIE, 2015, download here 
  • Energy Renovation: "The Trump Card for the New Start for Europe", JRC of the EU Commission, 2015, download here
  • On the predicted effectiveness of climate adaptation measures for residential buildings, by Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands, Building and Environment 2014, download here
  • Health, wellbeing and productivity in offices, WGBC, 2014, download here
  • Development of Systemic Packages for Deep Energy Renovation of Residential and Tertiary Buildings including Envelope and Systems, iNSPiRe Project -Report on Visual Comfort & Daylight Supply, Thermal comfort & Passive solar Gains , 2014, download here
  • Daylighting Handbook I, Fundamentals-Designing with the sun, Christoph Reinhart, 2013, download here 
  • Energy savings from window attachments,  US Dept. of Energy, October 2013, download here
  • Residential Windows and Window Coverings: A Detailed View of the Installed Base and User Behavior, US Dept of Energy, September 2013, download here
  • The comfort houses: measurements and analysis of the indoor environment and energy consumption in 8 passive houses 2008-2011, Aalborg University-DK,2012, download here
  • Solar shading for low energy buildings, 2012, download here
  • 'The business case for green building: a review of the costs and benefits for developers, investors and occupants',2013, download here
  • Multiple benefits of investing in EE renovation of buildings, Copenhagen Economics, 2013, download here
  • The Technology Roadmap: Energy Efficient Building Envelopes, a publication of the International Energy Agency, 2013, download here
  • Energy preformance requirements using the cost-optimal methodology, Build-Up, 2013, download here
  • Overheating of new homes, a review of the evidence, NHBC Foundation, U.K., 2013, download here
  • The distinctive benefits of glazing, Glass for Europe, 2012, download here
  • EU Energy efficiency policies: achievements and outlook, 2010, download here
  • Energy efficiency policy and carbon pricing, IEA, 2011, download here
  • ECBCS Annex 29, SHC Task 21, Summary report - Daylight in buildings, 2010, download here
  • ES-SO chooses solar shading performance parameters, 2009, download here
  • The effects of proper insulation, Eurima, 2008, download here
  • An automated solar shading calculation, M.K.Dennis, Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems; Australian National University, download here
  • ESCORP Study, download report, download executive summary


  • Sonnenschutz und Stadtbild, Stadt Wien – Architektur und Stadtgestaltung, 2021, download here 
  • Press artciles Solar Shading Austria 2021 - German: February, March, April
  • Leitfaden Fenster mit Abschlüssen im Bestand, IBH Hauser, 2018, download here
  • Solutions to overheating in homes, U.K. Zeo Carbon Hub, 2016, download here
  • Besparing op verwarmingsenergie door thermische isolatie van zonweringen, TNO, 2015, download here
  • Mehr als Licht und Schatten/More than light and shade, Dokumentationsband IFT Rosenheim, 24-28 February 2015 R+T Stuttgart, download here Deutsch;download here English
  • Global lighting performance project, ESTIA SA Lausanne- Switzerland: executive summary, January 2015, download here 
  • U.S. Department of Energy, Residential windows and window coverings: a detailed view, 2013, download here
  • Planungsleitfaden, Austria, 2013, download here
  • Zonwering voor energiezuinige gebouwen, Romazo and Verozo, Netherlands and Belgium, 2013, download here
  • Guide to Low Energy Shading, Using blinds, awnings and shutters to save energy and enhance thermal and visual comfort in buildings, BBSA-UK, 2013, download here
  • Programma van Eisen Frisse scholen, Netherlands, 2012, download here
  • Règles de l’art Grenelle Environnement 2012, Retour d’expérience dans des bâtiments à basse consommation et risques de non-qualité, France, 2012, download here
  • Lessons from germany's Passiv House experience, NHBC Foundation 2012, download here
  • A study of shading in buildings as a preventive measure for passive cooling and energy conservation in buildings, IJCE,2010, download here
  • Gezondheid en ventilatie in woningen in Vathorst, 2007, download here
  • Window protection fact sheet with details on how to maximise winter sun penetration, while minimising excessive summer heat gain and winter heat loss, Sustainable Energy Info, Australia, download here
  • Beating the heat: keeping UK buildings cool in warming climate, 2005, download here 
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