22 February 2023

21 March: the first ‘Global Shading Day’
Industry informs and urges greater focus on sustainable solar shading

On 21 March 2023 ES-SO launches the first ‘Global Shading Day’. The aim is to make the general public and policy makers aware of the human, ecological and economic benefits of solar shading. Imposing standards in building legislation would be a logical step now that climate change is irrevocably continuing to accelerate.

Global Shading Day is intended as a call to discover the numerous benefits of solar shading, to take action and contact an expert. Local associations, manufacturers and distributors across Europe will organise info events and activities throughout the week around 21 March to call attention to Global Shading Day.

Read here the Press Release : ENG - NL - FR  - ES - SW - DE - NO - HE - CZ - PL

Published in Europe :

Italy : TESS 1  -   TESS 2   Tende Schermature Solari

Sweden : Svenska Solskydds Sförbundet 

Denmark: RITZAU

Czech Republic: SPST

Netherlands and Belgium: Z & R

United Kingdom: BBSA

Greece : Sun & Shadow 


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