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EPBD - Energy Performance Directive  Review 2017 - 11th October ITRE meeting

The rapporteur and shadow rapporteurs agreed on compromise amendments amending the proposal of the Commission with regard to Member States' long-term renovation strategies, provisions to promote electro-mobility, to reinforcing the use of building automation and control, and the introduction of a 'smartness indicator' to measure a building's capacity to use ICE and electronic systems.

The report paves the way towards maximising the impact of the buildings sector on the overall energy efficiency target, notably through reinforced national long-term renovation strategies. Those now include milestones and progress indicators for the buildings sector, allowing for better implementation. Other positive elements are the creation of national structured stakeholder platforms, a boost for skills in the construction sector, more information and guidance for consumers (through Building Renovation Passports), and better access to financing. 

The report allows for Technical Building Systems, which includes solar shading, to be better optimized, which is fundamental for maintaining the energy performance of buildings over the years.

Monitoring the energy performance of buildings through the "smartness indicator" or by other means will also be key.

The next step will also be challenging: the ITRE Committee MEP's voted positively to start trialogue negotiations with the Council which will be taking place until end this year to reach a final adoption of the EPBD Review. 

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