ES-SO makes its position public on certain subjects related to energy issues in buildings, and communicates on this position with the EU authorities. ES-SO preferably acts on this together with other building stakeholders, or alone, depending on the subject.

  • ES-SO Position Paper on EPBD Revision, December 2021, Download  
  • ESSO Position Paper on the EU Renovation Wave, February 2021: download
  • ES-SO Position Paper on  "Implementing the EPBD and assessment of windows", Nov. 2018: download
  • ES-SO White Paper on "Overheating risk in low energy buildings", Dec 2016: download
  • ES-SO Position Paper "a new vision on solar shading", February 2015:download 
  • ES-SO Position Paper on Energy Labelling, September 2013: download
  • ES-SO Position Paper: Solar Shading Is Essential For Low Energy Buildings, May 2012: download
  • With E2APT (Energy Efficiency Action Plan Taskforce):The Fundamental Importance of Buildings in Future EU Energy Saving Policies, joint E2APT paper, July 2010: download
  • Energy rating of windows, joint position, June 2010: download
  • Joint letter from industry and environmental NGOs on the need to promote energy efficiency and strengthen the Energy Services Directive, 2009: download
  • ES-SO on the results of the ESCORP-study, 2005: download English - Dutch
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