ESBO is the first simulation software fully endorsed by ES-SO and based on the calculation engine in IDA ICE - the market leading tool for simulation of energy and indoor climate in Northern Europe. With ES-SO ESBO the use of dynamic solar shading can be simulated according to the established ISO 15099 and EN ISO ISO52022/1 Standards.

ES SO ESBO 3ES-SO ESBO is designed to support you whether you are a manufacturer, architect or engineer and by providing reliable and accurate information from idea to the finished building. All important input parameters can be managed – solar shading, glass, room design, climate and environmental conditions (3.700 cities in 155 countries), as well as customer requests and legislative requirements. Results are shown in energy and temperature terms followed by details about the shading/window combinations. G tot (SHGC), U value, T vis etc.

From version 2.2 spectral data is implemented on both shading materials and glass giving enhanced accuracy on the outputs, showing the full potential from using Smart Solar Shading solutions. From early 2018 you will also find more shading materials marked “ES-SDA approved” in the fabric selection table of ESBO. ES-SDA is the European Solar Shading Database with validated and peer reviewed performance data, an added benefit for you as a user. (link to ES-SDA)

The program  is available  in two versions: ES-SO ESBO Light, which is FREE to download and use, or ES-SO ESBO which is the full version of the software and comes at cost.  

ESBO light



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