Dynamic (movable) external systems


For solar shading systems to control the access of solar heat gains under variable conditions, they have to be mobile, or retractable, most often moving up and down, sometimes sideways. Internal blinds and curtains do that, too, but external systems are more efficient – sheer logic, as they arrest the sun before it hits the glass. That holds true for various types of awnings, vertical external roller blinds (‘screens’), but also louvers and shutters. These systems can be designed and automated to combine both the merits of adequate shading in summer and access of free, renewable solar energy in winter.

An external adjustable device can be manipulated to exclude or admit sunlight when required, and is particularly effective in dealing with low-angled direct sunlight, diffuse and reflected light. Unlike fixed shading, it can be operated such that internal illuminance (the lux-level) is not excessively reduced. It can be adapted for use in most European climates. Its success depends on robust construction and correct use, and should preferably be automated.

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