Below this chapter presentations of experts related to solar shading or energy efficiency in buildings are listed.  


  • When the building sector works, everything works, Yamina Saheb, 5 November 2014, download
  • Capturing the multiple benefits of energy efficiency, Nina Campbell, 5 November 2014, download
  • Improve and prove – the benefits of improving the internal environment and be able to prove it too, John O'Brien, 23 October 2014, download
  • Overheating in low energy buidings: the influence on solar shading, Per Heiselberg, April 2014, download here
  • ES-SO as EU partner in energy efficient buildings, Peter Winters April 2014, download  
  • The Technology Roadmap: Energy Efficient Building Envelopes, a publication of the International Energy Agency, December 2013, download 
  • EU energy efficiency policy: achievements and outlook, EU Parliament DG Internal Policies, 2010,download   
  • Active House Alliance, download 


  • Optical and thermal characteristics of solar shading and how they can be measured and determined, February 2022, Helen Rose Wilson - Fraunhofer ISE and Jacob Jonsson -LBNL, download 
  • Applying software to evaluate the effect of solar shading on energy consumption, daylighting and glare in buildings, February 2022, Bruno Bueno-Fraunhofer ISE, Taoning Wang and Charlie Curcija - LBNL, download
  • Product Data in the cloud - The next step for manufacturers, software companies and planners, February 2022, Christopher Maurer -Fraunhofer ISE and Charlie Curcija - LBNL, download 
  • TNO-Findings on extra savings of solar shadings, March 2015, download  
  • How is solar shading positioned in the Spanish building code, implementing the EPBD - European Performance Building Directive, Prof. Servando Alvarez, University of Sevilla, Spain, 2013, download
  • Functies van een zonweringsysteem, Arnaud Deneyer, Belgium, 2013,
  • Active House Vision, buildings that give more than they can share, 2013, download
  • La surchauffe dans les bâtiments, cause et solutions, Antoine Tilman, CTSC- La Belgique, 2012, download 
  • Prise en compte des protections solaires dans le RT 2012, Hervé Lamy, France, 2013, download 
  • Solar Shading implementation in the Portuguese Building Code, Prof. Eduardo Maldonado, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, Portugal, 2012, download
  • Solar shading solutions to secure sustainable summer comfort and to reduce energy consumption in buildings, Ivan Pollet, Belgium, 2011, download 
  • Solar Shading and Intelligent Façades Conference BRE Watford 29 September 2011, U.K., download video presentations 
  • Functions and importance of European Standards on Shutters and Blinds- Hervé Lamy, 2009, download
  • EPBD 91/2002 , Italian scenario and opportunities for the sun control market, Arch. Sergio Fabio Brivio, Italy, 2009, download
  • Sun shading and blinds: European activities, Input parameters for simulation calculations, Dick Dolmans, ES-SO, 2009, download
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