EU Commission Proposal EPBD revision 2021

15 December 2021

On the 15th of December the European Commission unveiled the new proposal for the revision of EPBD. This recast is necessary if we want to reach EU’s increased climate ambition, as only 10% of EU buildings are part of the energy performance certificate class A and B and almost 75% dwellings have class D and E.


The potential of solar shading is still largely untapped in the EPBD although it has many benefits!

Solar shading is effectively mitigating GHG emissions while adapting the building stock to already occurring climate change’s effects such as overheating.

A recent Guidehouse study in comparing AC to Solar Shading as solutions to reduce overheating in buildings shows that automated solar shading can significantly reduce the energy use of buildings, up to 60 % by 2050. Solar shading can also drastically mitigate GHG emissions, up to 100Mt accumulated savings can be achieved between now and 2050, while at the same time adapting the European building stock to climate change effects. Finally, a shift from AC to more solar shading would come at a lower total cost whereby a massive 14,6 billion €/year could be saved in investment and energy consumption for space cooling by 2050. Read here the Guidehouse document. 


ES-SO POSITION ON EPBD REVISION:  Solar shading must be integrated as a Technical Building System (TBS) in article 2, point 3 of the EPBD. Without solar shading integration in the new EPBD revision, we would miss a huge opportunity to increase energy efficiency in buildings and to reduce GHG emissions.

Make sure to read our POSITION PAPER published after the release of the last Guidehouse study: Automated solar shading, a key solution to reach 2050’s decarbonisation goals for the European building stock, DOWNLOAD :  ENGLISH, SPANISH FRENCHDUTCH , ITALIAN 

ESSO position paper Dec 21

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