The Clean Energy Package Directives

The Clean Energy for All Europeans legislative package adopted by the EU Commission on 30th November 2016  cover energy efficiency, renewable energy, the design of the electricity market, security of electricity supply and governance rules for the Energy Union. In addition, the Commission proposed a new way forward for ecodesign as well as a strategy for connected and automated mobility.

Since the new Commission von der Leyen took office end 2019 a number of new actions took place: 

European Green Deal 11 December 2019 : aiming to make Europe climate neutral by 2050 followed by an action plan boosting the economy through green technology, creating sustainable industry and transport, cutting pollution, read more

European Climate Law March 2020, a legislative proposal enshrining the 2050 climate neutrality objective.

European Climate Pact 9 December 2020 to shape a greener Europe inviting people, communities and organisations to participate in climate action, read more 

Current  key targets 2030 Climate and Energy Framework for the European Union, at least:

• 32 % share for renewable energy
• 32,5 % improvement in energy efficiency
• 40 % cuts in greenhouse gas emissions (*)

(*) The European Commission increased the EU target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 % compared to levels in 1990, to be included in the European Climate Law legislative proposal.

Above targets are included in the related Directives, reviewed in  2018:

1. The Energy Performance in Buildings Directive was adopted 14th May and published in OJ 19th June 2018, read more 

2.  The Renewable Energy Directive  - was adopted 11 December 2018 and published 21 December 2018 

3. The Energy Efficiency Directive -  was adopted  11 December 2018 and published 21 December 2018


 By June 2021 all relevant policy instruments will be reviewed  again to deliver the additional emission reductions by 2030. 


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