In most homes and commercial premises the building envelope is the main source of energy loss or gain. Among its various components, windows are a static element, while weather conditions vary continuously. Yet everybody hopes - expects - to be comfortable indoors all the time. Dynamic shading is one of the essential answers to this dilemma. Shading reduces or eliminates the need for active cooling in summer conditions, by controlling the amount of solar energy entering through the windows. Properly managed solar shading allows harvesting of free, renewable solar energy in the heating season when operated by occupants and automated controls. In both seasons, it offers additional insulation to the transparent parts of the building envelope, which helps reduce heat loss in cool weather and limit heat gain in the summer. Solar shading will also manage and control daylight admittance, reduce glare and improve visual comfort, thereby creating better indoor work environments. That’s positive, as common sense tells us that people prefer natural daylight which enhances comfort and well-being. Solar shading enables large areas of glass to be used, which contributes to this effect. ES-SO assembles and highlights the scientific background related to the benefits of the solar shading and roller shutter technology. Energy savings of 30 to 60% can be achieved from smart, integrated and combined holistic building technologies, both for new build and for renovation.

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