EU Projects (EACI funded projects by Intelligent Energy Europe)

The Intelligent Energy-Europe Program (IEE) is the EU's tool for funding actions to save energy and use renewable resources. Through its European Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI), IEE launches scientific research projects carries out by European universities, research institutes and industrial partners. There is no area with a greater energy saving potential than Europe's building stock. Solar shading clearly is an energy-saving technology which is why the industry must be represented in research projects on this subject.

Projects with ES-SO involvement:

  • QUALICHECK: started 2014;
  • VENTICOOL: still running;
  • BUILD UP Web Portal and EPBD Concerted Action: still running
  • RESHAPE - Retrofitting Social Housing and Active Preparation for EPBD, project closed June 2008
  • KEEP COOL II- part of the SAVE-ALTENER-STEER and HORIZONTAL KEY ACTIONS program, was closed in May 2011 and aimed at contributing to a broad market transformation by achieving good summer comfort with limited or no use of conventional energy, through the use of materials which do not harm the environment. ES-SO’s active role was mainly on analysis and market transformation by the use of solar shading. Several deliverables are available here:
  • Report on available solar shading products (E); Produktblätter Sonnenschutzsysteme (D), download here
  • Definitions summer comfort, download here
  • Assessment of energy savings related to summer comfort, download here
  • Sustainable summer comfort report, download here

ASIEPI was a project on impact, control and compliance of EPB legislation in the EU-countries. The project was finalized in March 2010 

Interesting documents of this project related to solar shading:

Projects where solar shading comes in:

Schoolventcool, see  and paper, download here


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