ES-SO Activities at R&T 2024

From 19-23 February 2024, R+T Stuttgart, Germany

  • 21 February 9.30-12.30: ES-SO Seminar, agenda click here
  • 21 February 14.30-17.30: ISSAF Technical Committee: closed Seminar
  • 22-23 February: Campfire Sessions, agenda click  here.
  • 19-23 February: ES-SO Booth, entrance hall EO328  


26 - 27 September 2022, Faro, Portugal

In September 2022, ES-SO held its second CEO Business Summit with business leaders from the European Solar Shading Industry.  The topic of the event: True sustainability: the future red line strategy for the European solar shading industry. 


9 - 10 October 2019, Faro, Portugal

In October 2019, ES-SO organised a first-ever European Business Summit of the Solar Shading and Shutter Industry. Around 60 business leaders from 32 companies in Europe discussed opportunities and challenges in a fast-changing world. Strategic steps for the future success of our industry where defined.

ES-SO Technical workshop

31 May 2022

Dr. Helen Rose Wilson

Angle-dependent measurement of
solar-shading materials

Dr. Bruno Bueno

A specific building simulation tool for the design and evaluation of innovative fenestration systems
and their control

Dr. Daniel Rüdisser

RadiCal – a radically new approach to model the impact of solar radiation

Dr. Bertrand Deroisy

Spectral assessment of shading systems, a step towards balancing human health, comfort and energy requirements

Dr. Jan Wienold

User's perception of glare behind shading devices