Resource Center

To positively contribute to achieving the EU's ambitious energy efficiency commitments, ES-SO continiously develops tools & information for all stakeholders involved in solar shading and building sustainability.


ES-SO gathers and consolidates a wide range of valuable information for the solar shading and roller shutter industry, including guidelines, position papers, and research studies.

Perfomance Data

ES-SDA, developed by ES-SO, is the European Database that compiles verified performance shading data in accordance with CEN/ISO Standards.

Smart Solar Shading Website

The Smart Solar Shading campaign website presents a concise and understandable overview of the advantages of smart solar shading in both the residential and project markets.

Professional development

ES-SO organizes training programs to educate professionals and stakeholders about solar shading and roller shutters. These initiatives aim to enhance knowledge, skills, and best practices in the industry.

Simulation Tool

ESBO is specifically designed to provide reliable and precise assistance throughout the integration of dynamic shading into building design.