Simulation software: ESBO

ESBO: endorsed simulation software

ESBO, the first simulation software fully endorsed by ES-SO, is powered by the robust calculation engine of IDA ICE. This market-leading tool for energy and indoor climate simulation in Northern Europe forms the foundation of ESBO's capabilities. By utilizing ESBO, dynamic solar shading can be simulated in compliance with ISO 15099 and EN/ISO 52022-3 standards.

Reliable and accurate performance information 

ESBO provides trustworthy and precise performance information for architects, engineers, consultants and manufacturers on solar shading, glass, and room design based on local weather data. The software includes comprehensive Ashrae 2013 weather data from over 3,700 cities in 155 countries, ensuring global applicability. 

Results are presented in terms of energy consumption, temperature hours, cost, and detailed analysis of shading and window combinations, including parameters such as g tot (SHGC), U value, T vis, and more.

Enhanced accuracy with ES-SDA approved materials

With the implementation of spectral data in version 2.2, ESBO achieves heightened accuracy in its outputs. This feature extends to both shading materials and glass, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the true potential of Smart Solar Shading/Glass combinations. Moreover, ES-SDA approved shading materials are clearly marked in the fabric selection table. ES-SDA, the European Solar Shading Database, provides validated and peer-reviewed performance data, offering an additional advantage for ESBO users. For further information, please explore the ES-SDA database.

*The programme is available in two versions

  1. ES-SO ESBO Light: which is FREE to download and use
  2. ES-SO ESBO: the full version comes at a cost with added simulation features.

Comparing free and paid versions of ESBO

In the following table, we outline the distinct features and functionalities offered in both the free and paid versions of ESBO.